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July 14, 2024,

Woman’s complaint against doctor: Why was my mother advised for my birth?

A British woman has filed a lawsuit against a doctor who examined her mother’s health while she was pregnant, alleging she was guilty of giving birth.

The court found the woman guilty and sentenced her to life in prison. She is a show jumper by profession and she is disabled. The doctor who examined the mother’s health while she was in the womb was responsible for her physical condition and claimed that she was physically weak due to her wrong advice.

According to news agencies, Eve has a ‘spinal defect’. At some point, she would have to sit on a tube for up to 24 hours. She argued that if she had given the right advice to her mother during her pregnancy, she would not have been born or that she would not have been in this situation.

She also told the court that the situation would have been different if the doctor had advised her mother to take a dose of folic acid, warning that such a problem would occur. The London High Court on Wednesday upheld Avery’s claim. Although the court ruled that the doctor should pay a fine for the victim’s family, the amount has not been disclosed. However, AV’s lawyer said the court could pay a fine to the doctor for lifelong care.


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