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May 23, 2024,

Beijing reports first original omicron case

Beijing has reported its first original omicron infection, according to state media, weeks before the Winter Olympic Games are due to start.

The infected person lives and works in the megacity’s northwestern quarter of Haidian and had no trip history outside of Beijing for the once two weeks. The individual educated symptoms on Thursday and was tested on Friday for COVID-19, officers said in a news conference Saturday during which they verified the infection.
The infection comes lower than three weeks before the Winter Olympic Games’ opening form on Feb 4., and around two weeks before the launch of Lunar New Year fests in China.

So far, multiple metropolises in China have reported omicron infections, including Shanghai, the western megacity of Xi’an, metropolises in southern Guangdong fiefdom similar as Zhuhai and Zhongshan, and the megacity of Tianjin, which is 30 twinkles from Beijing by high- speed rail.
Officers across the country have prompted residers to stay in their metropolises for the new time, rather of traveling back to their motherlands. China has espoused a strict “ zero-Covid” policy, with authorities locking down domestic composites and indeed entire metropolises similar as Xi’an when a original outbreak has been discovered in an trouble to stamp out community transmission.

The Beijing case’s domestic emulsion and plant have been sealed off and authorities are mass-testing people linked to either position for the coronavirus. Some people had been tested as of Saturday night, according to The Global Times, a state- possessed review.
China reported 119 new coronavirus infections on Saturday, of which 65 were domestic cases. The country has reported infections since the morning of the epidemic.


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