Unvaccinated people are not allowed to walk in Germany

December 3, 2021, Kathmandu . 

In Germany, unvaccinated people are banned from walking. A nationwide crackdown on non-vaccinated people was announced on Thursday, according to international media reports. And the announcement came after Souls discussed the Kovid crisis with regional leaders, CNN reported.

However, in the case of people who have recently been freed from the Kovid-19 infection, there will be no restriction on walking. In addition, bars and nightclubs will have to be closed in places where more than 350 infected people have been tested in a million tests over a one-week period. In addition, the number of people attending large gatherings, such as football matches, will be limited.

The resolution, if passed by parliament, could take effect in February. “We know the situation is very serious and we want to take further steps,” Merkel told a news conference. The latest announcement is aimed at people who have not been vaccinated while the number is increasing. The number of covid infections is rising sharply, especially in the eastern German states.

As the number of infected people began to rise, so did the pressure on the hospital’s intensive care unit. Out of this, 4979700 people have been infected and 122909 people have died.

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