Second helicopter charter marriage in Nepal

December 3, 2021, Kathmandu . 

Jogi Sah of Simraungadh Municipality of Bara has married his son by chartering a helicopter.

Jogi is a well-known food (gola) trader of Simraungadh Municipality and Ardashkotwal Village under Bara District. He got married to Sangeeta Sah Teli, daughter of Joginder Sah Teli of Garuda in Rautahat of Birju district on Thursday.

Jogi, the father of the bridegroom, said that the son had chartered the wedding because he wanted to go by helicopter.

“Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime affair,” said Jogi, the bridegroom’s father. He said that he was happy to be able to rent a helicopter for his son’s wedding. “I wanted to get on a helicopter,” said Birju. “My father granted my wish.”

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