Gang rape

12 years old Nepali girl was gang raped and murdered in Bihar

February 8, 2021, Kathmandu . 

A 12-year-old Nepali girl was gang raped and murdered in Champaran District of Indian State of Bihar.

The victim’s dead body has been cremated with the help of police, reported BBC News.

According to preliminary investigation and a viral audio related to the case, the chief at the local Police Station was found involved in the incident, BBC said.

The officer found involved in the case has been suspended and a First Information Report (FIR) is being filed against him, reported BBC, quoting SSP Nabin Chandra Jha.

Victim’s father Suresh* is a local resident of Barbardhiya Municipality of Bardiya District. According to him, the incident dates back to January 21. Suresh* has been working as a labor in Bihar for the past seven years.

As per the complaint filed by the victim’s father, those involved in the rape and murder threatened to immediately cremate the victim’s body. They also forced him to sign a paper and forced him to return Nepal.

As many as 11 people have been accused of being involved in the case.

The police have already arrested two of those involved in the incident and further investigation is underway.

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